baseball pixel collection

bringing some of our favorite aspects of america’s pastime into wearable art, pixel by pixel and stitch by stitch. from loveable creatures to iconic ballpark monuments, the baseball pixel collection touches all the bases.

[ milwaukee ] brew city blue

the yellow slide, one of the most iconic ballpark traditions in baseball, is now enshrined on a cap. the bright yellow accents make this cap as fun and vibrant as the slide itself. the blue corduroy base mirrors the iconic blue-collar spirit that defines milwaukee.

this cap is safe for reporters, but going down the slide may not be.

[ houston ] entering orbit

a cap honoring houston’s favorite alien and the mayor of space city. with a rich navy base mirroring the deep texas skies and a white rope flowing across the front like the buffalo bayou, this premium cap is a cosmic creation that represents everything the heart of texas has to offer.

whether you're exploring through the vibrant city or cheering on your favorite baseball team, this cap is a symbol of city pride and the enduring spirit of houston.

[ arlington ] baseball time in texas

when the clock strikes, let your hat do the talking - it’s always baseball time in texas. with each tick and tock, immerse yourself in the echoes of cheers, the resounding cracks of bats, and the exhilaration befitting a world championship win. this light blue corduroy trucker with an outline of texas across the front is more than a hat - it’s a timeless tribute to the lone star state’s favorite pastime.

the colors of this cap pay tribute to texas’ baseball origins.

[ san diego ] baseball supply

look down the left field line at this corduroy cap highlighting one of the most unique stadium components in baseball. the light brown and bright yellow colors will stand out in any setting, whether you’re soaking up the sun on the pacific coastline or cheering on san diego’s favorite team.

this design showcases the company building in detail, with the “336”, displaying the distance between home plate and left field, stitched in on the front of the cap.