we've teamed up with genre-defying artists FIGHTMASTER and sinkane for this pair of limited-edition hats. FIGHTMASTER is the music project of nonbinary triple threat artist, actor, activist e.r. fightmaster. they exploded onto the music scene with their ep "violence" last year and have a new ep "bloodshed baby" dropping next month. sinkane blends the gritty punk newness of a 70s and 80s new york with the steady, foundational soul of the rhythms of band leader ahmed gallab's native sudan. they just released their 8th album, we belong. both of these hats, inspired by and in celebration of each artist's newest projects, are now available.

[ FIGHTMASTER ] violence

e.r. fightmaster likes to think of their clothes like daily art practice, and this cap makes for the perfect finishing stroke. the brown and cream base colorway of the hat match the cover art of FIGHTMASTER'S new ep "violence". on the right side of the cap is the queer badge of honor, a pink triangle, to represent the community wherever you go.

the cowboy boot on the back of the adjustable hat is FIGHTMASTER'S most personal touch, a tip of the hat to the cowboy tumbleweed single cover art and to queer cowboys everywhere.

[ sinkane ] sudan

sinkane has partnered with official league to create this limitied-edition cap. inspired by the love he has for his home country of sudan and wanting to bring attention to the current crisis in the country, the flag of sudan is hand-stitched into the left side of the cap. each hat comes with a collectible sinkane button. 

the front design showcases sinkane's signature logo popping off of this sleek black hat.