music issue 24.1

the heart of the diy underground music scene is made up of a vibrant tapestry of raw creativity and unapologetic self-expression that is woven together by bands like THICK, jigsaw youth, sorry mom and gully boys.  these bands not only celebrate non-conformity and defy traditional gender norms, they celebrate and support community as an ethos and way of being.

community is everything. THICK fell in love with jigsaw youth when they played a show together at vassar back in 2018.  a few years ago, THICK  invited sorry mom to open for them after finding them on bandcamp.  this formidable moment turned out to be sorry mom’s first live performance.  jigsaw youth and gully boys toured together last year.  

we are celebrating community with a collection of unique hats - each carefully designed by these incredibly inspiring bands. only 100 of each made.


brooklyn-based punk band THICK collaborated with official league to create their first ever baseball hat! for this design, the band wanted to embrace simplicity and boldness and rely on the text to convey the vibe. this lightweight nylon hat is forest green features off white details including the band’s name on the front and a ghoulish set of lips on the back, inspired by the band’s first ever design when THICK was born. 

cutting their teeth in the brooklyn diy scene since 2014, THICK has solidified itself as a punk powerhouse.  after touring relentlessly in support of their second lp happy now, they are taking some time to reflect and write. they recently worked with producer will yip (who curated our first music drop) on two new songs that will come out this spring.

jigsaw youth

the ladies of staten island-based jigsaw youth grew up in the early 2000s, when tramp stamps were hot, edgy and sexy.  this inspired their new logo - which is proudly displayed on the front.  one of the band’s favorite phrases “nitty gritty city shit” is featured on the side.  on the back, the acronym NxYxSxI represents the band’s hardcore roots and their home - staten island, new york.

jigsaw youth is an all female back end grunge band that brings a new wave of raw distortion and elements of 90s alternative rock. they’ve recently shared the stage with megadeth and biohazard. you can catch them in march at destroy fest in los angeles.

sorry mom

introducing the official league + sorry mom hat - a soft peach and brown cord designed by the new york based queer punk band, sorry mom!  this hat is more than just an accessory - it’s a statement of style, rebellion and canine appreciation.

the soft cord hat is so cozy, it feels like a gentle hug from your favorite band.  front and center, an adorable illustration of sorry mom’s dogs, chasing each others’ tails.  their dogs are really cool.  if you met them, you’d get it.   flip the hat around and you’ll find the sorry mom flower logo above a brown leather backstrap.

sorry mom likes to hang out and shoot hoops.  they’ve shared the court with the likes of ajj and two members of the front bottoms.  since their first ever live performance opening for THICK, they’ve shared the stage with razor braids, rivals, oxymorrons and our good friend dillon t. pickle.

gully boys

discover the official league + gully boys vintage corduroy hat – a collaboration capturing the vibrant spirit of the minneapolis-based grunge power pop band. the deep purple vintage corduroy hat features red and white embroidered accents.  the gully boys logo is embroidered in white on the front, and a favorite lyric “i hate it here” is embroidered in red on the back. additional pops of red under the bill and on the backstrap, are unexpected and fun - like the band’s live performances are known to be.

gully boys formed in 2016, when they taught themselves how to play instruments. their raw authentic sound and their ability to connect with audiences through their live shows have garnered them fans across the country.  they just wrapped up a tour with motion city soundtrack.