team issue 22.9

feast your eyes on these delicious designs inspired by your favorite players. in partnership with @nba_paint, we give you team issue 22.9.

ham adebayo

this hat is bringing the heat to the kitchen. like ham on thanksgiving, this 100% cotton dad hat is a necessity. rep the magic city and one of the hottest players in the game with this exclusive and limited edition @nba_paint hat. 

jayson potatum

this jayson potatum hat will have your friends green with envy. whether you wear it forwards, backwards, flat, or bent, this hat (like potatoes) looks good in any shape or form. don't miss out on a 100% cotton @nba_paint cap that's cozier than everyone's favorite comfort food.

rj carrot

this royal blue 9 carrot cap will have you looking like the most official fan, on and off the court. rep the team and player from the big apple with a 100% cotton rj carrot dad hat. this is a @nba_paint hat that every bunny wants so shoot your shot for a chance to purchase.

zach labean

have you heard the story of zach & beanstalk? like this dad hat, it's a classic. this black beauty is just the thing you need to look like the official fan you are on and off the court. rep chi city and a player that is more iconic than the chicago bean itself in this 100% cotton, @nba_paint hat.