official league

No more midnight online orders or runs to the nearest team apparel store just to look like every other fan at the stadium. Official League is here with the most exclusive and limited edition hats, jerseys, and other team apparel to help you shine as bright as the stadium lights. Whether it’s a major league rugby team in Texas, a United Soccer League team in California, or a summer college baseball team in Oregon, we are here to provide all professional sports teams, big and small, with the coolest and highest quality of team apparel that fans actually want to wear.

Now you might be thinking… “Wow, this company was featured in Forbes and the LA times! They are such a cool company with even cooler hats. How do I get in on this very unique opportunity?” Here’s your answer: Each month, Official League will partner with four teams from different sports leagues, creating only 100 hats of each team’s unique design, made available to the public for purchase for only a week at a time. Every hat is hand numbered in the USA between 1-100 to represent the rarity of the opportunity to own these limited-edition designs. 

When Official League drops a new collection, there’s no time to waste! So far, Official League has completed and sold out of all hats in all team issues. While it has left many people sad and caused many others to have FOMO, it creates a unique opportunity for both teams and their supporters to be one of a kind… well maybe just one out of 100, but you get the point. Since our initial launch, we have partnered with teams, musicians, and other businesses all over the world such as the Sydney Blue Sox, Venados de Mazatlán, Social Distortion, NBA Paint, and many others.