team issue 24.2

from rinks across the nation, this team issue has a modern yet nostalgic flair. featuring the carolina hurricanes x really good paint collab, grand rapids griffins, and colorado eagles, team issue 24.2 is now available. only 100 of each made!

carolina hurricanes x really good paint

let’s take it back to the days where the hartford whalers were making a splash in the world of hockey. this hat pays tribute to this iconic era, featuring an exclusive design by your favorite viral artist, really good paint. fast forward to today, the carolina hurricanes have taken the NHL by storm, winning a stanley cup and calder memorial trophy, as well as many other awards.

carolina hurricanes are a professional hockey team based in raleigh, north carolina. the canes are members of the NHL eastern conference.

grand rapids griffins

while this cap is crafted for comfort and a timeless appeal, it's not your average hockey dad hat - it's a wearable masterpiece that tells the story of this detroit red wings affiliate team. the sleek black canvas showcases the team's mascot chosen by their 1995 "name the team" contest, while a sly scratch on the flip side symbolizes the mark this team has left as a two-time calder cup champion. peer inside and discover a charming cityscape of grand rapids, complete with the town's iconic blue bridge embroidered on the side.

grand rapids griffins are members of the american hockey league. this detroit red wings affiliate team plays in grand rapids, michigan where they play at van andel arena.

colorado eagles

this hat, covered in crisp white with a bold blue bill, mirrors the intensity of the colorado sky and the team’s prowess on the ice. the side of the hat showcases the iconic eagle logo, a symbol of strength that echoes the team’s resilience and soaring triumphs. on the front, a vintage-inspired scenic patch pays homage to the stunning mountains, the backdrop to the eagles’ journey to greatness. it’s not just a hat; it’s a wearable chronicle of victories etched in every stitch. 

colorado eagles are a professional hockey team in the american hockey league. based in loveland, colorado, this colorado avalanche team plays their home games at blue fcu arena. notable players include: t.j. tynan, keaton middleton, trent miner, and ivan ivan.