the dad hat

Bad hair day? Going bald? Sun in your eyes? Like your dad, this hat can fix all of your problems… without the lectures and life lessons, of course. If you haven’t heard, dad hats are the newest fatherly fashion trend. Similar to crocs and cargo pants, these hats will help you release your inner dad while repping your favorite sports team. It doesn’t matter if you are making a run to the grocery store or headed to the ballpark for a game, the dad hat will always be here for you.

Whether you prefer a nice round bill or one as flat as the floor, this hat can do it all! With our very own [ official ] design, we have invented a bill that is comfortable, adjustable, and flexible… meaning there’s no room for excuses. No head is too big or too small for these caps, unless we are talking figuratively… then Yankees fans’ heads might be too big.