the [ official ] international baseball collection

get ready to hit it out of the park with this [ official ] international baseball collection. this four-hat set features vintage-inspired hats that highlight different countries with rich baseball histories, including: the united states, netherlands, dominican republic, and japan. these caps are the perfect way to show off your love for the game and pay homage to the incredible teams and players that have made baseball the global sensation it is today.

united states of america

live the american dream through america's team. rep the red, white and blue for a look that will have you singing for peanuts and cracker jacks. with a vintage patch, red rope and corduroy strap, this hat is as iconic as a homerun from babe ruth. when you wear this ameri-cap with staples of the states stitched carefully on the sides, there will be no doubt which international team you are supporting.

starting from the beginning, the first [ official ] game of baseball was played at elysian fields in hoboken, new jersey. since then, we’ve witnessed players like jackie robinson and mike trout make history, and iconic moments of 18-inning games and ventura charging the mound. the game (and style) of baseball has evolved into the sport we all know and love today.


we are tipping our caps to the netherlands, who have been knocking it out of the park on the international scene with some impressive performances on the field. this international team has a bright future - and we’re not just talking about this cap. rep the country of tulips and windmills with an amster-damn good hat.

baseball in the netherlands is like riding a bike with wooden shoes - it’s a little different, but they make it work. the first game was introduced to the netherlands by american soldiers during WWII. since then, this country has become one of the strongest teams in europe. the netherlands have played internationally since the world baseball classic in 2006. notable players from the country include: hensley meulens, ralph milliard, and gene kingsale.

dominican republic

wearing this hat is more than a fashion statement - it’s a nod to the incredible talent and passion that the dominican republic brings to the world of baseball. since 1956, players from this country have made their way to being some of the most elite players in the major leagues. wear this red and blue vintage inspired cap to support hall of famers like vladimir guerrero. 

baseball is as important to the dominican republic as platanos are to our diet. it all started when american soldiers and sugar mill workers introduced the game to our island in the late 1800s. but let's be real, the dominicans didn't just sit back and watch - they quickly fell in love with the sport! By the early 1900s, baseball was all the rage, and the first Dominican baseball league was established in 1921. since then, the country has produced some of the best players in the mlb - we’re talking about you, Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz.


step up to the plate in this hat and feel like you’re stepping back in time. this vintage inspired hat is the perfect way to show your love for the sport and the land of the rising sun. this off-white corduroy material gives the hat a classic, timeless look that pays homage to some of the most elite players in the game. with carefully stitched details, this hat is as perfect as a play from ohtani. 

in japan, baseball is as popular as sushi and anime. the game was introduced to the country by an american schoolteacher in 1872. since then, players like sadaharu oh and ichiro suzuki have left their mark on both japanese and american baseball.