[ bootsy ] funk not fight

this funk-infused masterpiece is bold and extravagant, and brings awareness to bootsy’s anti-violence initiative and single, funk not fight. inspired by booty’s signature look, this black structured snapback features bootys’ signature top hat and glasses and reflects his larger than life personality. flip the hat over and find a constellation of silver stars, a nod to bootsy’s cosmic influence on the funkiverse.  

multi-grammy award winner and hall of famer bootsy collins kicked off his music career in his teens as part of the j.b.'s and then with the parliament-funkadelic family before launching out on his own as one of r&b’s most notorious bassists, singers, frontman, and producers. bootsy’s initiative, funk not fight, brings awareness and a stop to the tide of violence and unrest in communities. 

only 100 made! each hat includes a collectible button.