[ sorry mom ] chasing tail

introducing the official league + sorry mom hat - a soft peach and brown cord designed by the new york based queer punk band, sorry mom! this hat is more than just an accessory - it’s a statement of style, rebellion and canine appreciation.

the soft cord hat is so cozy, it feels like a gentle hug from your favorite band. front and center, an adorable illustration of sorry mom’s dogs, chasing each others’ tails. their dogs are really cool. if you met them, you’d get it. flip the hat around and you’ll find the sorry mom flower logo above a brown leather backstrap.

sorry mom likes to hang out and shoot hoops. they’ve shared the court with the likes of ajj and two members of the front bottoms. since their first ever live performance opening for THICK, they’ve shared the stage with razor braids, rivals, oxymorrons and our good friend dillon t. pickle.

only 100 hats made! each hat includes a collectible button.