[ baseball heritage ] haberacker opticians

this iconic black cap transcends time, celebrating the success of a dominant class a sandlot baseball team from lakewood, sponsored by the renowned downtown cleveland eyewear establishment. crafted with precision, the hat encapsulates the era when haberacker opticians held sway over eyewear fashion and baseball excellence. the meticulously recreated font on the cap mirrors the one gracing the team's vintage jersey, invoking a sense of nostalgia and underscoring the cap's authentic tribute.

front and center is the character Blue, exuding unwavering confidence and flair. inspired by the spirited heckling directed at the meek home plate umpire, blue's expression resonates with the assurance that can only come from sporting a pair of powerful glasses - the kind synonymous with haberacker opticians' reputation. 

only 100 of these limited edition hats made.