[ jigsaw youth ] nitty gritty city shit

introducing the jigsaw youth + official league collaboration:  the hot girl goth hat.  inspired by y2k fashion, this black structured front hat features “biohazard green” embroidered details.

the ladies of staten island-based jigsaw youth grew up in the early 2000s, when tramp stamps were hot, edgy and sexy. this inspired their new logo - which is proudly displayed on the front. one of the band’s favorite phrases “nitty gritty city shit” is featured on the side. on the back, the acronym NxYxSxI represents the band’s hardcore roots and their home - staten island, new york.

jigsaw youth is an all female back end grunge band that brings a new wave of raw distortion and elements of 90s alternative rock. they’ve recently shared the stage with megadeth and biohazard. you can catch them in march at destroy fest in los angeles.

only 100 hats made. each comes with a collectible button.