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step into the wild side with this two-toned masterpiece. featuring a bold tiger and an imposing ‘M’ embroidered on the front, this hat is the meeting point between style and musical prowess. movements has been making waves in the music scene with their unique blend of emotion and energy. like their music, this hat strikes the perfect chord between sophistication and untamed spirit. the tiger symbolizes their fierce dedication to their craft while the ‘M’ is a nod to their memorable melodies that will leave you humming for days. 

movements is an alternative rock band from southern california. their new album RUCKUS! is breaking into a new era that defies convention in favor of something wholly unique. 

each hat includes a collectible button.


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the details

  • leather strap with metal closure

  • designed in the USA

  • limited edition of 100

  • weight:

    0.23 lb

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    $8 domestic shipping (international shipping rates determined at checkout)