[ santos fc ] para sempre

this cap is a sleek black masterpiece that seamlessly weaves the storied tapestry of santos fc, brazil, and the dazzling city of santos itself. embroidered proudly on the front is the iconic santos fc crown logo, a symbol of triumph and excellence that traces its roots back to the golden era of pele, king of football himself. from the gritty determination shown by the corduroy ridges to the dual flags on the side, this cap pays homage to the rich history of santos fc and its connection to the united states through pel é

founded by the initiative of three sportsmen from the city of santos, santos fc began its journey in 1912. santos fc is known for producing great talents, including king pele, coutinho, pepe, clodoaldo, edu, cesar sampaio, rodrygo, and many others. santos has become a world record holder as the club with the highest number of goals scored: over 12,900.