[ south austin parakeets ] the 704

what started as a few people looking to play catch 5 years ago, the south austin parakeets grew into the official league wearin', mustache wearin’, base stealin', WOO! fastball dealin', limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, beer chuggin', home run-sluggin' sandlotters you see today. woo! when the keets aren't trashing hotel rooms on the road with motley crue, they're dealing backroom poker games in the clubhouse at the south austin rec center. cheers from the 704.

the south austin parakeets are a sandlot baseball team located in the lively east side of austin, texas. inspired by the aesthetics of the oakland a’s, baltimore orioles, and the pittsburgh pirates, the keets pay homage to the stylish eras of baseball where mustaches and pinstripes thrived. 



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