an [ official ] partnership

are you ready for the best soccer hats the world has ever seen? 

we are excited to announce that we are [ officially ] a USL licensee and will be working directly with their soccer teams for exclusive limited-edition hat designs. these hats will be available for purchase in the coming months at the teams’ online retail stores, in-stadium, and at

although this is a new partnership and first of its kind, we have already worked with the usl and several of the league’s teams. with over 28 teams in the league, soccer fans can expect to see a number of high quality and limited edition official league hats featuring teams like detroit city, phoenix rising, and many others.

our current usl team hats can be found in our [ offical ] 22.1 & 22.6 team issues along with the usl's pride collection and orange county soccer club's collaboration with legendary punk rock band, social distortion.